Corporate Website? Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!

by Chris Carberg
9:13 pm 11-12-14

Ascentus has had a busy couple years since our launch.

We’ve worked on some great projects, consulted on a variety of sites, attended cool conferences and quintupled in size. We’ve had parties and Ping-Pong tournaments, built massive Lego sets and taken trips to theme parks. We’ve gone from start-up to break-even to profit.

But you want to know a dirty secret?

We’ve done all of this without a website. GASP.

Before you pass out at the mere thought of a web and SEO strategy company not having a website, let’s discuss why it hasn’t affected our success.

Most corporate websites are cesspools of pontification, exploitation and overcompensation (among other -ations). The majority of failing companies I’ve worked with have had extravagant websites littered with more buzzwords than an entry-level resume.

We pride ourselves on great design, development, content and marketing. Because we don’t take shortcuts or go half-way, it all takes time. When you’re a young company, you must keep your eye on the ball. The best way to lose ground is to assume that how you appear is the same as what you are. The simple answer to why we didn’t have a website?

We were busy, that’s why.

Every time we wanted to work on “us,” we had to push it to the backburner. That’s because there are more important things to work on—namely work. We’re proud of the work we do, and we’re even more excited to have the opportunity to devote time and resources to building a proper website.

Make no mistake, this website is not a selfie.

It’s not about us. We can’t tell people that it’s all about what you do, and then spend all of our time glorifying ourselves. Our purpose for is to create an environment of constant learning and the sharing of successful insights. We want to contribute to the dissemination (another -ation) of great ideas and our website is the vehicle to do just that.

We know we’re late to the party, but that’s cool. It’s fashionable.