Content Writing: Do the Write Thing

by Chris Carberg
3:54 pm 11-14-14

There is no shortage of information and opinions about writing content for websites. However, most of these articles provide generalized information rather than specific on-page best practices. Our approach to content writing goes beyond keywords and marketing buzzwords. Despite the world becoming more technological, the future remains centered on people and their needs.

In the beginning, Google created the algorithm. Over the past decade, keywords (non-contextual “tags”) have evolved into the next frontier: intent. If the first decade of the web was centered on a static network of connections, this decade has championed flexibility. The term “semantic” web was thrown around in the late 2000s, but few grasped what this meant.

Unlike other algorithm updates, the move toward semantic web meant that meanings were fluid and often based on context and circumstance. Content writing did not need to be stuffed with keywords (a common abusive practice) to “trick” Google. Good writing for a specific audience replaced strategies of gaming the system.

While many websites and SEOs continue to create content that is search engine centric, Google’s algorithm has lent more credibility to those whose content fills a void and solves needs in a user’s life. The more focused your content is, the more likely your site is to rank for certain search queries.

The Ascentus way of writing content is not a law. It is meant to bend and remain flexible. It is built on practices that provide an ideal experience for both users and search engines. We believe that when you do something the right way, it will stand the test of time.

Good CAN win.

Writing content for the web is a unique skillset that requires constant development and an attention to the advancing technologies of SEO and the web.

At its core, content writing is helping people understand topics they wouldn’t have without it. It’s your job to take the time necessary to produce content that is excellent for reader and search engine alike.

So focus on creating great content and just write the right way.