Why Design is So Important

by Joel Lopez
3:59 pm 11-14-14

Never stop learning.

Design is important because it has evolved over the years into more than just a visual practice. Design nowadays is nothing without UX (User Experience). A designer’s position is not just to make something pretty anymore. They must be able to analyze data and use that to improve a product. Understanding how the user interacts with a product and adjusting it to meet their needs is ultimately what makes a company successful.

But is it really necessary? What about just choosing function over design?

This was the argument years ago, but time has changed—people’s awareness of design trends and appreciation of good design warrants spending the time to meet those needs. Good design helps companies connect with their users. Design touches the user’s emotional side and is able to make them feel comfortable when they are worried about trying a new product or trusting the information on a given site.

Good design is what will make your company trustworthy and successful. When a user finds your product/website/service, a great design and experience lets them know that you care about them. When the user trusts you, he or she will be more likely to trust your company and use it in the future.

As a company don’t ever skimp on design. Take the time to make it great, and continue to modify it to fit your audience.

Caring for people as humans will make your company rise above the rest.